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“The Magical Music Show” is the show that started it all, and is popular with children of all ages, as well as with the whole family. With this entertaining show, young children learn as they sing, dance, and listen to traditional and original songs and stories. The music BrianBoy performs in these shows is available on the CDs “Electric Kids’ Tunes” and "Toe Tappin' Tunes." They are available on Ebay or by mail order from BrianBoy . These CDs are full of fun songs and stories!

“The Rhythm of Life” by BrianBoy was premiered at the Children’s Museum of Houston. In this program, Brian performs on more of the instruments he plays in the Houston Symphony, namely percussion. This program takes kids on a journey from the sounds of nature, life, and the world around us, to the world of percussion and music. With group participation and performance, the audience experiences many exotic sounds and rhythms. This popular program, which has been taken to numerous public libraries in Harris and surrounding counties, is also good for schools and kids of all ages.

“The Big Picture of Music” is an educational music program for students in grades one through five. In this program, BrianBoy introduces students to the acoustic instrument families with individual instrument demonstrations, the human voice as an instrument, and rhythm, melody and harmony as tools for understanding and making music. Students are also introduced to the symphony orchestra, and using imagination in the music creation process (with audience participation). These forty-five to sixty minute programs are presented using popular music as well as classical music to get students excited about how they too, can learn to make music.

Contact BrianBoy at: brianboymusic@sbcglobal.net